About the Decarbonisation Summit

The Decarbonisation Summit is returning this June. Join us as we propel a vision for a decarbonised future across the globe, to inspire change, initiate action, and amplify a range of vital voices in the race to zero emissions.

The 2022 summit will take place over two days at the Science & Industry Museum in Manchester, a prestigious venue in one of the most prolific cities in the UK’s journey to net-zero.

We will bring speakers from a wide range of sectors to share their ideas, visions, and breakthroughs, building a network of pioneers who will be invaluable on the road to net zero. From politicians and CEOs, to graduate students and climate activists, everyone has a part to play in decarbonisation. Our 2022 summit is going to bring these figures together to make a real difference.

Green.TV Media in partnership with SSE are delivering this event both in person and online, to reach out around the world and find a passionate audience who are invested in a brighter, greener future.

“The purpose of the summit will be to bring disruptive, creative and actionable ideas to a global audience, and to further understanding, engagement and change, in the race between emissions and solutions, as well as bringing our Managed Introductions platform to bear on providing partnerships.”

Ade Thomas, Founder, Green.TV

“SSE is playing a leading role in enabling the transition we need to make as a society, to a low carbon world. We pride ourselves on the energy solutions we bring to businesses and organisations to deliver their decarbonisation of Energy, Heat and Transport and accelerate them on the road to net zero, and we are proud to be part of the Decarbonisation Summit in Glasgow to help power change.”

Nathan Sanders, Managing Director SSE Distributed Energy